RK Rose+Krieger, a member of Phoenix Mecano group located in Minden, Germany, for over 40 years is a world's leading supplier of assembly and positioning components and systems. With its wide range of components starting from aluminium extruded profile assembly system to linear motion units and positioning columns; RK Rose+Krieger provide solutions over a wide span of application in industries' such as machinery, printing & packaging , automotive and many other mass production activities. RK Rose+Krieger has developed years of experience in designing components and meeting customer needs in the globally evolving landscape of outsourcing, has helped set an international standards in the areas of application.

Phoenix Mecano India's RK business unit has developed its capabilities in the last 20 years by working very closely with customers in India. We are well known for our proven supply and service standards for our components across India, simultaneously we continue to learn and explore complex customer requirements and supply "custom engineered" solutions in fields of machine frame , material handling , assembly automation to a wide range of industries spanning from Automotive , white goods , electronic manufacturing to printing.

We enhanced our offering by partnering with globally leading companies whose offering and objective complement our objectives. We distribute and provide a complete range of products from our partners GS ACE, pipe and joint system and Easylink conveyor systems.These product offerings create unique symbiotic relation that empowers our application engineering team to provide our customers the appropriate solutions using a wider selection of products.

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