Bopla Gehausetechnik a member of Phoenix Mecano group located in Bunde, Germany, for 35 years is one of the world's leading providers of enclosure solutions for electronics, with over 25,000 standard products for electronic components. Bopla enclosures protect high-quality assemblies against damage and give them a unique appearance and impression. You will find Bopla products in a wide range of sectors, such as safety and security technology, telecommunications, automotive technology and the field of medicine.

Bopla India team under the umbrella of Phoenix Mecano India, we strive to achieve outstanding quality and services. We pioneer in the profiling of electronic components and provide ingenious enclosure expertise. Our tailor made solutions suit best to the requirements of our customers, ensuring reliability crafted with radical beauty. With a wide range of different products for electronic components, BOPLA continues to grow with the industry. Our leading edge enclosure technology protects high-quality assemblies against damage. Just as importantly, success equals dependability, we thrive on the grounds to support our time-worn products, both globally and locally. Our sheer passion to provide the best has got us into existence.

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