The Phoenix Mecano Group is a global player in the enclosures and industrial component segments and is a leader in many markets. Geared towards the professional and cost-effective manufacturing of niche products has helped ensure smooth operation of processes and connections in the machine industry and industrial electronics. The products are used in the mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, medical technology, aerospace technology, alternative energy, home and hospital care sectors, amongst others.

Phoenix Mecano AG is a global company with customers worldwide. We ensure smooth operating functionality, with our 14 sales companies spread throughout the world, and manufacturing facilities located – in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Romania, USA, Tunisia, India and China. The organisation is highly streamlined. Operative responsibility is distributed among division heads and managers of the various subsidiaries.

Operative Division: -


Standardised and customised enclosures made of aluminium, plastic and glass-fiber reinforced polyester and stainless steel, machine control panels and suspension systems protect sensitive electrical equipment and electronics in mechanical engineering and measurement and control technology applications.
High-quality sandwich keyboards offer a reliable human/machine interface, even under extreme conditions.

Mechanical Components

Aluminium profiles, pipe connection systems, linear drives and conveyor components enable sophisticated systems for use in machine and equipment construction. Reliable, high performance linear actuators and drive units for use in the home and care sector offer users a high level of comfort.


Intelligent concepts provide solutions for increasingly complex tasks associated with coding switches, inductive components and plug connectors, backplanes, transformers and power supply systems, circuit board equipment and the development of customised electronic applications right down to complete sub-systems.

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