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Division ELCOM/ EMS: Hartmann Electronic

Hartmann Electronic, a Phoenix Mecano Group company, is our international partners for developing & manufacturing backplane and its electronic packaging. From wide range of standard products up to complete tailor-made systems, we provide meaningful solutions, both in technical perspective & in terms of cost.

From many years, we have been dealing successfully with well-known customer from Military, Aeronautics & Aircraft, Submarine & Naval Shipbuilding, Railways Transportation, Wind Energy, Particle Accelerator / Atomic Physics, Medical and Telecommunication.

Our experience & expertise of 40 years in the development and manufacturing of electronic systems and high speed backplane guarantees maximum flexibility of thoughts and extremely perfect results. Our areas of expertise are: "Research & Simulation of latest high-speed structure". High speed lines are usually simulated on the computer before they are actually laid-out in order to guarantee the functional capability of backplane from the outset.

Product Range

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